Do you have a BIG idea that you want to sell to Retailers?

At Retailbound, we have a passion for retail, which enables us to provide the very best insights and solutions for you. We have helped hundreds of vendors sell and market products to all types of retail outlets.Feeling a bit in the dark on how to approach a retail buyer? Don't quite know how to price your products? Through a series of phone or in-person consultations, Retailbound can teach you about sales channel strategies, product pricing analysis, retail marketing programs, and sales management to help you sell more products to the retailers of your choice.

How it works

We break up our Get Ready for Retail into several sessions, focusing on the following to help you become the "vendor of choice" for the particular retailer.

  • How to research prospective retailers to learn more about them and use the information to improve your odds of success

  • What retailers look for in a new product line

  • Retailer do's, don'ts and how to make things easy for them

  • What retailers need from you before you carrying your product

  • How to set your pricing and minimums

  • How to create your own brochures and order forms

  • How to create a "retail packet"

What you get

Come away with a keen understanding of how to sell to retailers,what prices and programs to offers, and much more!After each session, our clients will get a recap of the session(via email) with action steps to complete.

What you pay

Unlike most retail consultants that charge $250-$400 an hour, our flat hourly rate is so affordable that even garage inventors and bedroom entrepreneurs will wonder how we stay in business (If you must know….referrals from satisfied clients) – Click here to read some testimonials.

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