Your retail merchandising talent + our marketing system will help you launch a successful and profitable retail consulting practice

Retail Consultant Program

Are you a proven leader with retail merchandising experience? Has your retail merchandising career stalled? Are you afraid that you may be part of the next level of corporate retail staff reductions? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, maybe it's time to be your own boss and become a Retailbound licensed retail consultant.

As a Retailbound licensed consultant, you will guide product entrepreneurs through the processes of getting ready to sell to and work with retailers of all shapes and sizes.

We're changing the world by helping product entrepreneurs get both the skills and confidence to approach retail buyers. We have taught thousands of retail product entrepreneurs in becoming "retail-ready" and now we want to share our retail consulting methodologies with you!

Hit the ground running with a proven system for success. We'll train you to become a retail consultant for product entrepreneurs. You'll learn how to get and coach clients, plan seminars and other events for product entrepreneurs, and more!

Why Retailbound?

Retailbound has the experience, knowledge, resources, education and ongoing support to help you build a very successful and profitable retail consulting practice.

As a member of the network of licensed retail consultants, you'll gain access to the complete Retailbound Retail Consulting methodology and system including tools, forms, and templates.

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Retailbound Retail Consultant FAQs

  • Who is a good candidate for the Retailbound Retail Consultant Licensing Program? The ideal candidate should have a background in retail merchandising (i.e. Retail Buyer, Category Manager, Merchandising Manager)
  • What are the benefits of becoming a licensed retail consultant? In addition to a complete online portal of marketing tools and educational materials, you will have the freedom of developing a viable source of real income under the Retailbound brand. Retailbound has been synonymous with getting products into retail. When looking at other coaching franchise or license opportunities to invest in, none can bring both the value and credibility as Retailbound.
  • Can I retain my current brand if I am already an independent retail consultant? Yes! We believe the Retailbound brand will enhance your brand and add a level of trust that comes with being associated with a well-known brand in retail consulting services. But at the end of the day, the client will make the decision to work with you based on how they connect with you and your company. The Retailbound brand just adds substantial support to what you've already built or are building.
  • Is this a franchise opportunity? No, this is not a franchise opportunity! Your fees are for training, professional development and generating leads only. We do not dictate what you sell or how you sell it related to your work.
  • What kind of marketing support do I receive? Our consultants enjoy the use of the Retailbound marketing materials and content to help them promote their business. In addition your business will be listed in the Retailbound Retail Coach Directory. While the Retailbound brand does not guarantee to generate leads on behalf of individual retail coaches, we promote the retail coach network heavily in online and in-person events.
  • What kind of training do I receive? Our two-day certification training will help you get acquainted with our system and tools. Day 1 is getting you familiar with the retail industry and how a product manufacturer prepares to sell to retailers. Day 2 is teaching you the Retailbound retail coaching system and building your practice. The 2 day training session is done via a webinar so there is no need for travel. There is ongoing training and support provided to all the licensed Retailbound retail coaches.
  • What are the keys to success as a licensed Retailbound Retail Consultant? To be a successful retail consultant, it's not just about knowing the ins and outs of the retail industry. It's about knowing how to translate that information down to an entrepreneur who has a great product but needs guidance and possibly motivation in moving forward. Customer focus, driven and entrepreneurial are some of the words used to describe the retail consultants who we licensed our program to.
  • Am I limited to a specific geographic territory? No, our licensed Retailbound retail consultants are not limited to a specific geographic territory. Our retail consultants are able to deliver their services virtually so there is no need to limit where they work. The market need for qualified retail coaches is at an all-time high thanks to the influx of crowd-funding product websites, the current state of the economy, and the ease of starting a business. Our focus is on building a network of retail consultants that are both highly self-motivated and driven to help small product entrepreneurs succeed.
  • Does Retailbound have licensed retail consultants internationally? We are currently accepting applications from corporate executives interested in owning their own business as well as established business coaches & marketing consultants all around the world. If you have a specific country you are interested in being a retail consultant for, please email Benjamin Ertl at
  • What are next steps if I am interested? Contact Benjamin Ertl, our Licensing Manager at to get more information. You can also click this link to send him an email.