The key for long-term success is driving “sell-through” of your products at retail and no one does it better than us

Managed retail marketing

Ever give a retail marketing task to your team and get a bunch of blank stares? Gain the flexibility and confidence by having us managed your retail marketing programs. We can work independently with scheduled reporting or can provide seamless interaction to compliment your existing marketing department. 

Does your business need help with…

  • Launching a new product or service?
  • Expanding current marketing or merchandising capabilities?
  • Reducing the workload of the in-house marketing team?
  • Accessing specific expertise not suited for your staff?


For as little as $800/week, we can help you with

Marketing Programs

We maximize the retailer’s marketing vehicles, create and execute promotions to drive traffic and increase sell-through of your products

Product Communications

We create the necessary product communication collateral for your products (sell-sheets, brochures, in-store POP, packaging, online educational materials, sample kits, etc…)

Sales Training/Motivation

We develop and execute online training to retail and/or distribution sales staff as well as manage customer sales reps performance contests and awards.

3rd Party Marketplace

We manage your 3rd party marketplace platforms (i.e. Amazon) to drive incremental sales and increase customer awareness of your brand online.

Product Development

We participate in the new product development lifecycle including identifying key product features and benefits, selecting factories for production, developing packaging and warranty information and creating sales tools for the team.

Retail consulting

Imagine a world where you are constantly getting repeat purchase orders from the buyer; you don’t need to worry about your competition; and finally, you are getting more shelf space and free marketing assets than you ever need, life would be great. Unfortunately, most product manufacturers are faced with the cold hard reality that every day could be their last with any particular retailer.

We have helped many clients escape getting the “axe” from the retail buyer. Since we have been large retail buyers and have rationalized poor performing vendors and products, we know better than most retail consultants on how to get your business back on track. From identifying the core issues to developing solutions that are easy to execute, you can sleep well at night knowing that we got your back.


Retail coaching

Do you have the next BIG idea that you want to sell to retailers but don’t know if you are ready yet for retail? Since 2008, we have coached over 2500 entrepreneurs and inventors on how to sell and market products to retailers of all shapes and sizes.

Feeling a bit in the dark on how to approach a retail buyer? Don’t quite know how to price your products? Book a 1 hour phone or in-person consultation with us and get the answers that you can’t find on Google. We can teach you about sales channel strategies, product pricing strategies, sales management strategies, and even typical questions that most buyers will ask you and how best to answer them.

Now you know what we do. Ready to get started?

Learn how we can work together to bring your products to market

Yohan and his team have done an exemplary job of preparing us to sell successfully into retail and to build long-term relationships with our retail buyer counterparts. His knowledge combined with significant experience in retail give us deep insight into the mind of a buyer that would have taken us years to glean on our own. Yohan tailored a plan to address our specific needs and to improve upon weaknesses in our presentation. Most importantly, he taught us to make the retail buyer’s job easier, a theme we will apply to all aspects of our approach to retail sales. We are excited to graduate from Retailbound’s Retail Coaching soon and transition to their Managed Marketing program where they will actively assist us in managing our retail sales efforts

 - David Cooper, KeyPort, Inc.