Since 2008 we have helped thousands of start-ups, small companies, and mid-size companies become successful at retail.

Let’s face it….most retail or marketing consultants only like working with specific clients, and if you don’t fit “that type”, you either get the brush-off or even worse, bad advice that can set your business back months or even years. We don’t see the world that way. We have helped thousands of clients, even some outside our product expertise because they really needed some help and had nowhere else to go.


If you’re a start-up that wants to save time or money by starting the right way, we’re for you. Since we worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and inventors, you’re in good company.

Whether you need just an hour or two of our time or need some more guidance in learning how to sell to and work with retailers, we will be there for you.

Small Companies

Launching a new product or wanting to access expertise beyond your scope, we’re for you. We can service your needs on a project-by-project basis, on a weekly schedule for regular tasks, or be appointed as your retail marketing manager.

For most companies your size, your team is stretched to the max. By letting us help you with some of the marketing tasks, you can focus on more important tasks, like running your business.

Mid-Sized Companies

If you have an established marketing department but are having a difficult time pursuing a new market or seizing new opportunities, we’re for you. We know your type.

If you had the resources, you could probably capitalize on all those opportunities. With the soaring costs of hiring employees with specialized talents, it could be very cost-prohibitive for your business. By using us as your contract marketing manager, save thousands of dollars a year in salary, benefits, and office space. With those cost savings, you might be up for that next promotion.

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One of our smartest decisions was working with Yohan and the Retailbound team. Yohan has been a real partner in growing our business in the US, and most importantly, a truly nice, honest and GREAT guy to work with.

- Ori Fruhauf, UpRight Technology LTD