2022 was a great year for innovation! There were so many great products launched on the Amazon Launchpad platform in 2022.

Every month, our team checks out new arrivals on the Amazon Launchpad and highlight the products we feel that are innovative, solves a problem or issue, and has potential in retail someday.  Here are our top picks for January.

WAYBAND Haptic Smart Band

In 2017, WAYBAND made history by helping the first person who is blind run in the NYC Marathon without sighted assistance. The WAYBAND wristband guides you to your destination, intuitively, using your own natural sense of touch and their patented Haptic Compass. We found this wearable interesting as there are no such products like this on the market today to help with navigation.

FABLE The Game Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

There are several dog toy products on Amazon.  This product caught our eye as the feeder’s weighted base and irregular motion triggers your dog’s prey drive, allowing them to eat the way nature intended – on the hunt.  Also, the dog food toy can hold an entire meal, up to 1.5 cups of food.

FITURE Core Smart Workout Mirror Home Gym

January is the month that most people make the resolution to get back in shape. While there are a couple of workout mirrors on the market, this one caught our eye as this mirror is not touch screen, keeping it print free. Students use the app to navigate which courses they want to try out. Another cool feature is that the FITURE mirror will help correct your form while counting your reps.

Elasto Patented Ergonomic Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

Wireless mice have been around for several years, and Logitech is the top wireless mouse brand in the industry.  While there have been several challengers to Logitech, we think Elasto could be a contender. We like the design of their wireless mouse which helps with user fatigue. As people continue to work from home and probably not taking as many breaks, this product will help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome.

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