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Retail Bound: Learn How to Sell Your Products to Retailers, 2nd Edition

Thinking about selling your product to retailers? Learn the ins and outs of retail and get your product on your favorite retailer’s shelves. This no-nonsense guide walks you through the process of selling to and working with retailers of all shapes and sizes. Written by Yohan Jacob, a retail consultant, who has been on BOTH SIDES of the retail buyers’ desk.

In the 16+ years since this book was originally published, e-commerce has become a monstrous force in how people buy products, and Mr. Jacob has updated this edition to reflect that fundamental change. But that’s not the only change. Mr. Jacob also included new content around Product Development and Logistics, two essential components of the retail process. Much like your own products, this book has been a constant work in progress over time, and Mr. Jacob always seeking to perfect it.


  • The key questions that retail buyers will ask you.
  • How the four P’s in marketing relate to retail and affect your bottom line.
  • How not to underprice your products.
  • Five ways to get a retail buyer’s attention.
  • How to help retailers market your product.

Retail Bound: Learn How to Sell Your Products to Retailers, 2nd Edition, helps entrepreneurs, inventors and small manufacturers learn how to get noticed by retail buyers big and small.  Mr. Jacob has worked as both a sales rep and a merchandise buyer for retail, online, and catalog companies and has helped many prospective vendors break into the retail world.

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