The Scenario

As an upcoming and growing business the work is expanding and momentum is building as you are required to wear more hats and maintain stability in a frequently unpredictable retail market. You are good at what you do, but when there`s only 24 hours in a day having ad-hoc, reliable expertise can help your budget and efforts at lean marketing.

Of course, hiring full-time employees can be the best option, I`m not here to provide a black-and-white opinion. Often times newer businesses start by outsourcing to compete and gradually move towards in-house employees for specific purposes. You should always pay attention to optimizing your business, especially as sales and marketing ROI changes.

Quicker Expertise

You may have a dedicated team of marketers, but chances are that they do not have the time nor the knowledge to handle all aspects of retail marketing. The great thing about using an established, proven outsourced team is how quickly you can maintain marketing momentum, make an impact against your competition, and have a fresh perspective on how to reach new buyers.

Less Expensive

We all know that outsourcing generally has a lower cost but not only because it`s an “as-needed” service. You also avoid insurance, office supplies, training costs, vacation time and other overhead benefits. You can also bring in an hr outsourcing firm to help with other areas, such as recruitment. Not only is outsourcing less expensive but the sheer amount of time you save is invaluable. What kind of value do you place on your time?

Finding the Right Outsourcing Team

First of all you need to evaluate your employees and what their expertise can cover towards your marketing efforts.

  • Do their skills directly relate to challenges and goals your business is looking to overcome?
  • Do they have experience going above and beyond for marketing targets?
  • Do they spend more time adapting and learning than actually doing?

If you`re seriously considering bringing in outsourced help, you need to make sure that they fully understand your business.

  1. Show them past marketing projects and be transparent in pricing structures
  2. Ask how many people will be dedicated to your business so you know what your getting. They need to be just as transparent as you do.
  3. What exactly is their expertise in retail or your specific industry?

I`ve seen businesses work themselves to the brink through expensive and mediocre marketing practices. When your time becomes invaluable, what would you do to have more? And how nice would it be to not keep losing time?