Selling to Retail

Essential Tips For Retail-Oriented Manufacturers

By November 25, 2013 February 4th, 2020 No Comments

Want to sell your products to retailers? Read our essential tips listed below if you want to be successful in this particular industry.
1. Focus on the retailer and provide world-class customer service. Understand their wants, needs and desires — build your business to deliver these.
2. Establish your brand and values. Build a brand that has the basic values to achieve what the customer requires and clearly defines your business and its way of operating.
3. Establish a customer-focused culture. Build a team that lives and breathes your values, making world-class customer service the heart of every team and successfully growing your business.
4. Make sure quality is in everything you do. Make sure that everything you do is done to the best ability of you and your teams – always strive to give the best service every day with every person you interact with.
5. Reward and offer incentives to develop a motivated and happy team. A motivated and happy team will lead to happy retailers, which leads to success — listen to and look after your team.
6. Manage your cash. Cash is sanity and profit is vanity, a business will go bankrupt due to lack of cash, not lack of profit. Understand where your money comes from and where it goes.
7. Develop and communicate a clear vision, strategies and plans. Know what you are trying to achieve and have a plan to get there. Share the vision, strategies and plans with all your teams and partners.
8. Make your retailers the heart of every team and make them feel special. Happy and satisfied customers are loyal and keep you successfully retailing.
9. Retail is detail. Get the details right for the retailer and look after the detail — understand what is happening and make sure you dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”.
10. Make decisions – just do it. Do not procrastinate: analyze the information, make decisions and give it a go — if it doesn’t work, try another way.
11. Manage with facts and information. Use the data and information you have in your business. Keep your emotions in check and make decisions based on solid information, analysis and research.
12. Don’t forget to sell your products and your business. After all we are in the retail business to sell products to retailers and their customers.
13. Be yourself and enjoy. This is your journey to achieving your potential in retail — make sure you take pleasure in it.