How is Your In-Store Marketing?

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9dfc1872e06e5b8cc9844d343d4c2794Hello to all my Retail friends! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I spent mine doing some shopping in the Algonquin Commons area and spent a little more than I should doing “Retail Therapy.” But because I can’t leave the job at home, I found myself paying acute attention to the displays as I was walking through the various stores. So it got me thinking, why do I buy the things that I buy? and also, Does in store marketing make a difference?
The answer to the second question is most definitely, yes. In store marketing and display cases can definitely influence a customers purchasing decision. So it’s important to you, either as a manufacturer or business owner to ensure that all merchandise is displayed correctly and more importantly in a pleasing way!
Picture this, you’re at a clothing store looking for an outfit for an upcoming event, if the display looks like the one shown below, you’re less likely to make a purchase. Messy and unorganized displays are not going to bring in a lot of sales. Customers are not going to dig through piles of unorganized clothes or messy displays to find your product, they’ll just keep on walkin’.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 11.53.00 AM

But whose responsibility is it to clean up displays? The retailer or the manufacturer? It’s actually a trick question! Both the retailer and the manufacturer are responsible for the display in store. The retailer is responsible for managing the cleanliness of a display and it’s general upkeep. But it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to clearly state in the contract what the display should look like and more importantly the manufacturer needs to inform the retailer about the products themselves. Training sales staff to be knowledgeable about your product is crucial because it will help them answer customers questions accurately.
As a manufacturer, it is also your job to periodically check in at your products retail location to check up on displays. You know better than anyone how the display should look. So checking to ensure that all marketing materials are on hand and accurate will ensure a bigger ROI for you!
The location of your product display is also important to consider. If your product is placed on the lowest shelf at a grocery store, there is a slim chance of a first time customer picking it up. Especially if your competitors products are nearer to eye sight. Consider requesting an optimal display position when setting up the contract with your retailer. End of isle displays or displays with creative and eye catching focus are most likely to generate new business, so perhaps look into modernizing a little and go with a transparent display made of LED lights to really start capturing the eye of your customers. Shown below are just a couple pictures of top notch, A+ displays!
1. Sports Enthusiasts!: This intense soda display was incredibly popular with football enthusiasts and Super Bowl fanatics. Although the display isn’t very practical, it lets the customers know that their soda manufacturers and retailers support the tradition that is American football. Displays such as this are very popular for soda manufacturers and are commonly found at big name retailers during various sports seasons.Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 1.03.30 PM
But in store displays don’t have to be at that large of a scale to make a big impact. Consider the placement of this Motrin advertisement. Motrin is taking advantage of the unused floor space to get the consumers attention. They are also taking the low placement of their product, which could be a negative, and turning it into a positive. Advertisements and displays that make your customer look twice are super effective!

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 12.42.32 PM

So there yah have it! Whether you’re a retailer or a manufacturer, it is your responsibility to make sure product displays are successful. Keep everything clean and creative and I’m sure you’ll see increased sales!
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