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3 Tips to Improve Retailer In-Store Execution

Retail product manufacturers spend a lot of time, effort and money in getting their product placed with a major retailer like Walmart, Home Depot or Best Buy.  However, no matter how much planning there goes on at the corporate buying office of these large retailers with their product vendors, there is always a chance that…

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Retail Mind Share For Product Manufacturers

The retail industry is naturally wrought with frequent change and disruptive models – from the retailers, product manufacturers, consumers, and all other parties who play a role in physical product supply and demand. Consumer product brands can sometimes get too attached to a particular retail goal or trend and base too many decisions on that…

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How Keyport Focuses on its People for Retail Success

Surviving as a consumer product company is – no surprise – incredibly difficult. Above all else, being in the consumer product industry inherently means understanding how people feel and interact with your product: consumers, employees, partners, etc. While there are many variables, my interview with the guys at Keyport shows how focusing on people is…

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