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Execution is Limiting Your ROI at Trade Shows

Trade shows can be a fantastic way to launch a new product, find new partners, and garner attention for your brand. It can also be a fantastic way to waste money if you focus too heavily on preparation over execution. Many up-and-coming CPG brands I talk to are looking at CES or the NY Toy…

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What Retail Buyers Really Care About

As always I try to make these posts very concise and to the point.  This one deals with two specific points that your retail buyers care about most.  It basically boils down to time and money.  But to understand the significance and incorporate changes into your business requires some effort on your part. These two…

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How to Prepare for a Meeting with a Retail Buyer

If you are looking to secure a contract with a retail buyer, there are a few musts everyone should follow. One of these key rules is to only contact a buyer if you are prepared. Buyers can’t stand when vendors have not prepared before a sales presentation – it wastes the time of the buyer…

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