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How to Price Your Product for Retailers

Millions of inventors and entrepreneurs set out every year with good ideas and great products, but what separates the many from the few is executing the fundamentals. One of these basic tenants that many businesses struggle with is setting the right price on your product and achieving the delicate balance between making a profit and…

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How To Price Your Product For Retail Stores

When figuring out how to price your product for retail stores, you may encounter various obstacles. At Retailbound, we have established a couple quick tips to help you overcome these challenges and hopefully price your product for success! 1. Target Market Before you can even begin to sell your product, you need to know who you…

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Getting to the Point on Price Points

If you’ve ever watched late night TV, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “just five easy payments of only $9.99!”  But when the infomercial discusses the price of competing products we hear “they can cost up to $100!” Wow!  Suddenly the advertised product’s cost seems like an even bigger bargain. The next thing you know, you’re…

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