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The Unsung Reasons Retail is Tough

At Retailbound we work with consumer brands – both large and small – who are either launching a new product in retail or trying to position themselves more competitively in the space. Some obvious topics most companies think about (and sometimes get right) include pricing, packaging, promotional strategies, and which channels they’d like to place…

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Top 10 Mistakes Potential Retail Vendors Make

At Retailbound, we get to talk to a lot of entrepreneurs, inventors, and small suppliers.  While most of them have good intentions, there are mistakes made before they become our clients. Here is our top 10 List of common mistakes that potential retail suppliers make: Getting advice from people who have little or no experience…

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Tips on Opening a Successful Mall Kiosk

Welcome back retail enthusiasts! We’ve all been out at the mall and walked by dozens of mall kiosks and carts, and many of us have stopped to make planned or impromptu purchases. Mall kiosks can be a lucrative venture for many retailers. These venues have low startup costs, especially compared with opening a new storefront.…

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