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Where’s the Love? Relying on Performance-Based Retail Partners

One of the advantages of working at a full-service retail management firm is that you see all sides of unique challenges and situations consumer brands face when trying to prepare or execute retail initiatives. Of course, there are recurring themes, and one of those themes is misaligned expectations with performance based partners or agents. How…

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North American Distribution Model for Startups – Is it Broken?

I’ve talked to hundreds of CEOs and CMOs of consumer product startups (as well as mid-sized manufacturers) who are looking for ways to either break into the North American market for the first time or increase existing market presence. The initial reaction is always to look at distributors, perhaps for obvious reasons. Why partner with…

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How to Sell Your Product to Distributors

If you are a small one-item vendor, selling to retailers may be a very difficult task. Most retailers do not want to buy from a small vendor unless there will be a return on their investment. If your product assortment is small, it may be more efficient of your time and resources to sell to…

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