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Bridging the Gap from Digital to Retail

In today’s omni-channel market, retail is simply another medium of interacting and selling to your target customer base.  Similarly to retail, Amazon and direct-to-consumer channels are an opportunity. It can be done correctly, incorrectly, or somewhere in between. Most new product brands I speak with begin their growth journey selling online due to the thick barrier-of-entry to physical retail. However,…

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Getting into Retail is Easy, It’s Up To You to Stay There

We work with hundreds of up-and-coming CPG brands because of our partnerships (such as Indiegogo) and because of our track record of pioneering new products in the retail distribution (and b2b) space. Time and time again there’s an imbalance of perceived significance between sell-in and sell-through. Sell-in: When a retailer purchases product from a manufacturer…

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Being a Consumer Product Startup in Today’s Retail Ecosystem

This blog post was inspired by yet another example of a promising consumer product startup (especially in tech) that’s closing its doors. In this case it happens to be Doppler Labs. While hindsight is 20/20, there’s more than enough history of failed hardware/consumer product startups to avoid the fundamental pitfalls. In fact, I’ve talked about…

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