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3 Tips to Improve Retailer In-Store Execution

Retail product manufacturers spend a lot of time, effort and money in getting their product placed with a major retailer like Walmart, Home Depot or Best Buy.  However, no matter how much planning there goes on at the corporate buying office of these large retailers with their product vendors, there is always a chance that…

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Lessons from Failed Product Launches

The majority of my three years at Retailbound have been spent talking to smaller consumer product manufacturers and startups about the challenges they face bringing new products into the US/North American market. I’ve had hundreds of conversations with C-level executives as well as overwhelmed, yet ambitious business developers looking to beat the odds in retail.…

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You’re Launching a New Product. What Makes You So Special?

The beginning of the year is an exciting time in retail to showcase a new product.  Many of our clients experience a lot of momentum during their product launches during Q1 and at trade shows like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Today’s blog addresses the “elephant in the room” for many consumer product companies –…

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