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Creating a Vendor Partnership

All businesses, no matter their size or focus, rely on their suppliers. But many businesses do not know how to thoroughly evaluate and maintain this critical business relationship, which can cause a discrepancy between your expectations and a vendor’s abilities. A mismatch between your needs and a supplier’s offerings can add costs, delays, and ultimately…

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Tips on Opening a Successful Mall Kiosk

Welcome back retail enthusiasts! We’ve all been out at the mall and walked by dozens of mall kiosks and carts, and many of us have stopped to make planned or impromptu purchases. Mall kiosks can be a lucrative venture for many retailers. These venues have low startup costs, especially compared with opening a new storefront.…

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Retail Packaging 101

Guest Blog Written By: Cindy Alton, Founder and President of Cindy Alton Design (  847-942-5866 Have a great product that is ready to show a buyer? Well before you go too far, most buyers will want your product packaged. So where do you start? 1.   Find an experienced packaging designer. Most graphic designers will…

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