For about 15 years Amazon has offered a platform for retailers and sellers to showcase their world-class brands, reach new customers and increase their sales. Amazon continues to lead the e-retail market in innovation, which not only benefits online buyers but creates huge opportunities for online sellers. One of Amazon’s innovative seller features is the illustrious Buy Box. But why do you need the Amazon Buy Box and how do you win it?
The Buy Box not only guarantees the best possible shopping experience for customers, but winning the Buy Box for sellers means much more. What’s so great about it?

Visibility: A Buy Box is the most valuable piece of real estate in the Amazon seller neighborhood. Winning a Buy Box develops your success on Amazon and builds a strong, positive reputation for your brand.
Credibility: Buy Box winners are only chosen because they meet exceptional standards carefully selected by Amazon. If one of the world’s largest e-retailers is backing your product, customers will trust you too.
Exclusivity: Only one seller of a product can win a Buy Box. That means you’re the only seller of (insert your product here) with the convenient, one-click buying feature that promotes your brand value and grows your business.
So how do you win the crown jewel among Amazon sellers?
Compete to Win: The exclusivity of Amazon’s Buy Box makes winning it highly competitive. When selecting a winner, Amazon considers many factors such as a sellers total price, which includes shipping costs. Keep in mind that customers expect to find low prices on and watch your competition to ensure you’re offering the best rate. Offering multiple shipping options also increases your chances and if customers can rely on you to ship accurately and on time, you’re one step closer to a Buy Box.
Stay Stocked: Amazon ensures all eligible Buy Box winners have the inventory available to answer customer demand. Use inventory planning to keep popular products in stock and out-of-stock items unlisted. Amazon offers a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service to manage the delivery of your products and improve feedback. Although this won’t guarantee you a Buy Box, why not look into the added benefits for e-retail efficiency?
Focus on the Customer: Customer service is measured in several ways and, as always with this department, aim to exceed customer expectations. Be proactive in your approach to requesting, monitoring and addressing customer feedback and be clear in your product descriptions. Encourage customers to rate you and always follow up on negative reviews. Amazon also provides a Customer Metrics tool in the Seller Account to monitor feedback, which you should – daily.
Among qualifying attributes is your eligibility status in the Amazon marketplace – Featured Merchant Status (FMS)