What Is It About Apple?

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Evie McQ-1Hello retail minded friends! Despite a short hiatus, the Retailbound blog is back in action! Be sure to stay tuned for weekly blog posts with insight related to all things retail.

With the launching of the iPhone 6, alongside various other products, and with Retailbound being a retail marketing consultancy, we find it appropriate to discuss what makes Apple such a revelation, continually experiencing success with each product launch. After all, much of Apple’s success must be owed to an innovative and talented marketing force.

Now obviously there are two obvious camps, the PC camp, and the Apple camp. These two brands do not attempt to copy each other. Instead, they both boast different strengths, with Apple, despite a higher price tag, experiencing popularity in a home and personal environment versus PC’s success in a multitude of corporate and office environments.

So let’s discuss some of the reasons why Apple seems to experience uninterrupted success.

First of all, Apple has accurately assessed their target market. Over and over again in our blogs we have discussed the importance of correctly figuring out which people will be not only interested in, but purchasing your product. Apple does not focus on technical statistics such as RAM or megapixels, but instead design and ease of use. They know that their consumers appreciate sleek, streamlined design which is, above all, aesthetically pleasing. Obviously, the product has to work, but the consumers of Apple products are not generally using these products because of their outstanding technical features. They have established a formula which works, with each new generation of products appealing to their target market.

Their packaging and design are pristine. One thing is for certain: Apple does not mess around with cables or other add ons. What you see is what you get. This can be especially noticed with their desktop computers, which combines the computer and the monitor into one item and one single cable to plug into the wall. This ties in to the ease of use we discussed previously. The products are simple to set up and use. This also eliminates inundation of customer service representatives with phone calls related to set up and use.

Their corporate officials believe in their product. Instead of using famous celebrities in advertisements, Apple prides themselves in using prominent corporate people in their advertisements, promotions, and announcements. Having a familiarity with the faces of the people who created the products we are using, and seeing them actually use their products help increase our trust in the brand and their products.

Their customer service is accessible, friendly, but most importantly, knowledgeable. There is a culture surrounding going to the Apple store. The stores welcome all age groups, whether it be to play around with the devices in store, attend tutorials, or to receive help. They are always fully staffed and are able to provide assistance. This ties in to something we have talked about a lot: after-sale support. Your customer service, even if you anticipate not expecting to have much use for it, must be good. It helps keep the brand associations positive. With the genius bar and Applecare, Apple does not leave their consumers stranded when something goes wrong with their product.

Their marketing is unique and consistent. They have figured out what gets people to buy their product. Having already established a reputable brand name, apple does not utilize mainstream forms of advertising such as TV and newspaper advertisements as much as other technology companies. Visually, their ads are simple and they leave out and controversial material, helping them appeal to as large an audience as possible.

Obviously, there is much more which goes into making Apple the successful company that it is today, but these are just some of the characteristics which have helped them achieve much commercial success.

We hope that you enjoyed our post, and hopefully you can apply some of the techniques Apple uses to your own retail product to experience success!