Unique Selling Proposition – What Makes You Stand Out?
A strong, recognizable unique selling proposition (USP) is the essential cornerstone of your marketing strategy. For example, Retailbound brings versatile experience and expertise of retail and marketing and merchandising solutions from both sides of the retail buyer’s desk. This experience within the industry sets us apart as a leading retail marketing and merchandising solutions provider.  
-Yohan Jacob, President Retailbound, Inc.
What’s in a USP?
Your USP is what makes your business different from everyone else and differentiation is one of the most important strategic moves you can make.
When developing your USP, consider the following:
What keeps your customers up at night?
Get inside your customers head. Before you start thinking about which qualities set your business apart from similar companies, you need to know almost everything about your perfect customer. A strong marketing strategy does not need to appeal to everyone. To develop a strong USP, you need to know exactly who you want to sell to and why.
How do your products or services solve their problems?
Customers don’t just want to buy your product or service, they want it to solve their problems. Customers like giving business to people who care about them. Brands without a purpose might make a profit, but brands with a purpose make a big difference.
So how do you know what your customers need? Examine the profile of your perfect customer and then design a USP that clearly tells them you can meet their needs and solve their problems.
Why do your existing customers choose you over the competitors?
After defining your ideal customer, understanding what keeps them up at night and communicating how you’re going to solve their problems it’s time to become the best at what you’re selling. Your USP will help define why you are unique and how you can offer them something they can’t get somewhere else.  Is it your price point or convenience? Do you offer added value? Are you selling trustworthiness? Define what differentiates and become the best at what you’re selling.