Reviews are the backbone of getting your retail product off the ground, especially on  Over two thirds of new product searches happen on Amazon and if your product has the same pricing and content as your competition, verified positive reviews could be the difference whether you get the sale or not.  Research has shown that 64% of the purchases made are based on reviews and ratings of the products. Another statistic says that going from zero reviews to one increases the rate at which online shoppers click the buy button by 65%. 

In this blog piece, we will be going over tips on how to get positive amazon reviews for your products as well as let you know some of the wrong ways of getting product reviews on Amazon.

The right way to get reviews

When trying to get positive reviews for your products on Amazon, you must have great products with best-in-case customer service to handle any inbound inquires.  You also need a process developed to follow up with customers who have purchased the product to get their feedback. Here are our tips in getting reviews for your products:

  • Include a “Welcome Mat” in your product box which is a small card with your customer service information as well as request for the customer to write a review.
  • Send a short follow up email via Amazon’s Seller Central platform to get the customer’s experience on the product and ask them nicely to leave a review if that are satisfied.
  • Participate in Amazon’s Vine Program (Vendor Central) or Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program (Seller Central)
  • Look at other customer touch points where to ask for reviews, especially after your customer service team takes care of an inbound inquiry (i.e. web chat, customer email support, product app)

While looking back at the list of ways to get product reviews, you can start to see that it is not that hard to do it, it just takes time and effort.  Now that you know some of the correct ways to ask for product reviews on Amazon, here are the wrong ways to get reviews, some that can get you delisted off Amazon.

The wrong way to get reviews

When you launch a product on Amazon, if you don’t have any reviews in the beginning, sales will be very limited, especially if you are an unknown brand in a very competitive product space.  The last thing you want to do is follow some of tips below of what not to do.  If you follow these wrong tips, you can get caught and Amazon will delist your product on their site. Also, participating in some of these tips could give a false representation of your product. Here is a short list of the wrong ways to get product reviews on Amazon. 

  • Asking your friends and family to give positive reviews 
  • Paying for reviews from various online sources
  • Creating false accounts to add positive reviews 

These are just a couple of wrong ways to get reviews to help boost your products awareness. Even though having several five stars on your product may look good, consumers still think something is wrong. Reviewers don’t trust a product that has a full five stars because they believe something must be wrong with it. While it has been shown that products that have a rating of 4.4 to 4.6 stars have the highest chance of being purchased by the consumer.

In summary, if you follow our tips in the right way to get reviews on your products on Amazon, you should be on the first page in no time. If you need help in managing your business on Amazon, consider our Retailbound Amazon package as an option. For interest in this package or other retail services we offer, contact us at