Today, 10% of new product startups fail within the first year. Failure is also common for startups years two through five, with 70% falling in that category.  There are several reasons why product startups fail. It could be bad timing, lack of financing, or even a poor management team.  Perhaps if these failed product startups were part of a retail accelerator program, maybe their future would have been brighter.

You are probably thinking that joining a retail accelerator program is a waste of time, effort, and/or money.  For someone who has worked with product startups after they complete a retail accelerator program, I would agree that for some brands, it could be a waste.

Many retail accelerator programs are rigid in nature, meaning that they have a programmed agenda with very little flexibility on the content that is presented to the group of product startups that make it into the program.  While it’s fun to be part of a small and diverse group, how will it help you stand out from the competition when presenting your brand to retailers?

Retail is tough and is not for the faint of heart. I have been in the retail space for nearly 30 years and have work with product brands ranging from startups to the big household brands. The only difference between startups and the big brands was startups did not have the resources available to be successful.

Now they do!

Retailbound has partnered with The Launchpad Agency to create a different type of Retail Accelerator Program.  Our Retail Accelerator Program creates the right kind of fuel to rocket your company to the next level.  Unlike traditional retail accelerator programs where they use a group approach, our program is tailored to your company specifically.  Using an aggressive approach with a proven track record of success, our combined team puts together a plan made for your unique needs that will launch your new product and skyrocket it successfully into the retail channels.

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We make sure you have the right tools in place, including messaging, creative assets and whatever else you need so your campaign is built on a strong foundation.


Next, we identify your target audiences and put together a strategy that rockets you straight to customers who are interested in your product.


We leverage our sales rep and distributor networks to set up your product into the retail channels and position it for success.


Our integrated digital marketing approach blends together advertising, public relations and social media tactics to build brand awareness and drive online sales.


With entry into the retail channels combined with a strong focus on the retail sales channels, aggressive advertising and on-going social media marketing, our team ignites the afterburners to propel your company to infinity and beyond.

Additional add-on services include website design & build, retail packaging design, in-store auditing, warehousing & order fulfillment, tradeshow support and much more.  If you are interested in learning if your company is a fit for our program, please email or