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The Real Reasons Startup and Early Stage Companies Fail

It’s a sad reality, but many startup and early stage companies fail. Whether it’s a lack of capital, poor product-market fit or leadership inexperience, roughly 75 percent of all startups fail. Why do we accept failure as an inherent risk of founding a startup? Failure isn’t an option when you leave your life’s work on…

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Carving Out Your Niche in Retail as a Startup

It’s common for a hardware startup to be wary of the retail space. Margins, upfront costs, logistics, new marketing tactics, and other moving pieces can be unfamiliar to many smaller teams of engineers, designers, or developers who come up with a new product. I interviewed up-and-coming technology and hardware CEO – Danny at EVEN (MeQ…

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Hardware Startups: Filling the Business Gap

This post was inspired after watching a video from the hardware VC company Bolt titled “Why Investing in Hardware is Hot Again“. As I was watching the video, an interesting point came up that resonated with my own work helping hardware companies grow and scale in retail. The point was that many hardware startups consist…

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