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Common Myths When Selling to Retailers

As a young product brand trying to make it big in the retail space, you get a lot of advice. Some advice may be good while others may be harmful for your product or for your company. In this short blog piece, I want to bust the common myths when selling to retailers. After 10+…

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The Battle between Retailer and Manufacturer

Retailers and manufacturers constantly battle over the placement, promotion, and pricing of products. However, the current retail landscape has retailers pulling ahead with greater demands, increasing pressure on manufacturers. Major consumer goods companies are disputing with large retailers—such as Office Depot, Toys “R” Us, and Walmart—over the use of trade promotion dollars and product orders.…

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Hardware to Retail: Interview with SmashToast

In our efforts to educate up-and-coming hardware startups to the ever-changing retail environment, we looked inward and conducted an interview with a Retailbound client – Smashtoast – getting direct insights from their Founder, Barnabas Helmy. As a hardware startup founded in early 2014 based in Springfield, IL – Smashtoast created a compact universal remote for…

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