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How to Use LinkedIn For Business

Hello retail-minded friends! A lot of our recent blogs have been focused on retail, which makes sense, seeing as Retailbound is a retail consultancy, however, today, as marketing intern at Retailbound, I would like to bring our focus back to social media. We have already discussed in our blog the growing importance and relevance of…

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5 Rising Social Media Marketing Trends

It’s easy for retailers to undervalue the importance of a successful social media strategy – after all, we didn’t get into this industry to sit around on Facebook and Twitter all day (hopefully). But lagging behind in social media can mean big losses for your business. WebDAM, a digital asset management platform for marketers, reported…

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The Fosbury Flop of Small Business Marketing

In 1968, Olympic high-jumper Dick Fosbury stunned the athletic community and the world when he approached the high jump bar at full speed and then did something revolutionary: he jumped backwards. At the time, athletes were still using techniques that allowed you to land on your feet, previously a necessity when landing surfaces had been…

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