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Crowdfunding ain’t easy

It’s April 10, 2012 and a new smart watch company launches its first Kickstarter campaign. 30 days later and they’ve beat all the crowdfunding records — raising $10,266,845. Three years later, they launch again and raise $20,338,986. Man, this Kickstarter thing is easy! A year later, they launch another product and raise $12,779,843. This is like free…

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Crowdfunding for Product Manufacturers

So you’re an entrepreneur, a startup, an inventor, a manufacturer, or all of the above that needs money for a new venture. Where are you going to turn to raise the money that you need to bring your idea to life? The answer is most likely crowdfunding. Everyone loves innovation and new products, so luckily,…

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Crowdfunding: Is It For You?

Crowdfunding is yet another online trend which has exploded in recent years. The easiest way to define crowd funding would be a project created by a person or a group asking for financial backing from those interested in the project or initiative. It is a way for those without the financial resources to raise money…

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