Do you know why your

product is not selling

in store?
There could be many reasons, our data analysis in retail will figure it out for you.

Poor retail execution can have a devastating impact on your business.

But it’s impossible for you and your team to check every store to see what is going on.

That’s where Retailbound Vision can help. This is not just an ordinary audit. We gather AND crunch data to get you real answers.


Of products are priced incorrectly


Of products are missing on the shelf


Of promotions are not executed as planned

Here’s how we can help:

By taking photos and administering surveys, our team audits the retail stores your products are in.

Our retail expert reviews the data and compiles it into an executive summary with charts and photos.

On a 30-minute phone call with you, our expert will go over the report and offer recommendations.

Retailbound Vision

28% of retail products are priced incorrectly

42% of retail products are missing on the shelf

59% of retail business promotions are not executed as planned

Unlike other in-store audit services, we don’t
just give you the analysis.

We also give you actionable ways to increase awareness and sales, all from former retail store merchants. For as little as $20 per store, you can fix retail distribution gaps, maximize on-shelf availability, and improve in-store marketing.