Finding Niche Resellers to Expand Sales

By April 2, 2015 February 4th, 2020 No Comments

This article is meant to be short and concise regarding a business`s ability to penetrate not only retail markets but others as well. Sometimes, especially in competitive markets, finding not only a niche product but also a niche retailer or reseller can mean the difference between just squeaking by and thriving.
People often think of creating a creative, innovate, unique product when it comes to separating their business from others. And of course, this is a good idea. Without constant innovation a business will slowly start to fall behind; however, using that same innovation should not be left just to the production and creation of products.
Many small businesses don`t have the know-how, nor the expertise to start selling to big retailers or well-known resellers. From the pet industry to the outdoors industry, finding specialty retailers can be an excellent way to secure long-lasting, consistent sales. These specialty stores may service clients that have particular tastes in fashion, technology, foods, etc. Finding these stores is something you need to spend time on if your business is struggling to gain traction with retailers.
Besides specialty retailers, let`s not forget about the many other sales channels

  • public or government owned places or services
  • hospitals
  • regional or locally owned stores
  • online sales
  • and many more…

Being just as creative with your sales channels as you are with your product development will help build your business to be more sustainable and stable – simply because in these more “nichey” outlets less competition exists and maintaining a relationship is easier (however should not be underestimated).