I`m writing this post because of all the small manufacturers I`ve spoken with lately regarding getting their products into retail.
As an up and coming manufacturer, retail can be intimidating especially when your expertise lies in other areas of your business. Even for the most experienced sales or marketing guys, retail can seem like a jungle.
Some business owners try to learn as they go or spend time trying to educate themselves – which can take a very long time and be inefficient.
Many manufacturers do not account for all retail fees, proper product packaging and logistics, as well as the effort it takes to manage retail sales.
Why should you have to go at retail alone?
Many of the businesses I talk to have tight budgets and concerns about finding the right people to help build product reach with the right distributors and retailers. Finding someone with the right expertise can save valuable time and money and can provide a competitive advantage against your competition.
Selling to retailers or distributors is easy for most sales people or agencies involved in retail; however, time and time again retailers become frustrated at the lack of management with the products they buy.
Sales reps only sell, you`ll have to maintain buyer relationships, promotions, and your products. But what if you didn`t have to?
Hiring retail professionals isn`t expensive
Contracting or hiring a professional isn`t expensive as long as you hire the right one. Compared to making mistakes or losing buyer accounts, hiring a professional is very affordable.
When I pitch manufacturers my services to help manage their retail strategies, they sometimes hesitate when I tell them the price. Only when they understand the amount of time and real value a seasoned retailer can provide do they work with me.
Just about every manufacturer I`ve helped had “price-resistance” at first, and now every single one doesn`t know what they would`ve done without the expertise and management.
I`m not trying to sell you on hiring someone, however it can make a huge difference in whether your business succeeds or not.