Sales – Feel Like Succeeding?

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Similar to the rest of my posts, I`ll try and keep this as concise and to-the-point as possible. Today`s topic deals with one simple concept. Feelings are remembered. The “idea” or feeling that you are trying to provide your customers should be the backbone or foundation of your sales technique.
Let me explain.

Feelings Are Remembered

Your product or service might be unique and have unique benefits, but at the core of it all you are trying to convey and provide a feeling for the customer. An example would be insurance. People buy insurance in-part because of the benefits it provides them, true. However conveying and providing long-term financial security is why people really buy.
In sales, if you do not truly believe you can provide security, stability, fun, escape from reality, or whatever it may be… then your job will be a lot tougher.
You may be able to recite a script by memory, demonstrate the product perfectly, etc etc — but if you can`t convey the feeling or idea that your product provides to the end-consumer then the customer is always going to ask why?

Why should I buy? Why should I buy from you? Why is this product a fit for me? Why should I give a hoot?

Identifying the “Feeling”

So by now you may be asking yourself, “okay great, but how do I know what my product should convey?” This is a pretty easy question to answer.
Picture yourself having purchased your product. You are completely happy using it just as it was made to be used. In fact, you might even go ahead and write a positive review. When you were using it you solved some problems you were having before. What were those problems? How were they solved? Having solved those problems what have you achieved or gained? These types of questions will help lead you toward the feeling your product or service provides to people.

So What Now?

After you have identified which feeling(s) you`re selling to people, you need to start keeping that as the foundation of everything you do in sales.
Let`s say, again, that the feeling you want to convey is security.
When you present benefits, get dressed in the morning, speak over the phone, type up an email, etc etc – in the back of your mind you need to ask yourself – “how can I convey security?”
Maybe you consistently provide feedback for customers. Maybe you use reassuring words or tones that convey your commitment to them. The possibilities are endless.
By effectively reminding the customer throughout the sales process of the feeling you are providing them, you stand a much better chance of completing the sale. Really put yourself in your customers`shoes and think about what you would like to hear from the man or woman trying to sell help you with something.