Selling B2B on Amazon through Amazon Business allows Businesses with an Amazon Business Account to sell and purchase products, both one-off and in bulk with various discounts on Amazons’ marketplace.

There are 2 programs involved in Amazon B2B for Amazon Business.

  • There is a program for sellers called the Amazon Business Sellers Program.
  • There is a program for buyers called the Amazon Business Buyers Program.

So, what does a business account for Amazon mean for you?

When I’m working with Amazon Consulting clients, I break it down like this:

Amazon Business Sellers Program

Businesses can sell on Amazon in 2 ways.  The fees for both are the same at this point in time.

Existing Seller Central Sellers can add Amazon Business Account Features through their Seller Central Account.  

Amazon B2B Seller Requirements:

  • Sellers you need to be on the Professional Seller plan to use a Business Account for Amazon.
  • Eligibility is based on Seller Account metrics, such as Seller Feedback and past Sales Performance.
  • Your existing access to all previous programs will remain the same (Amazon FBA, FBA Small and Light, Sponsored Products, Amazon Home Services, Amazon Payments, etc.)

New Amazon Sellers Such as: Retailers Serving B2B, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Distributors, etc.need to register for Amazon Seller Central as a “Professional Seller” as well.

Amazon Business Buyers Program

The Amazon Business Buyer Program is for buyers with an Amazon Business Account who want to purchase items for their business on the Amazon Marketplace.

Any business, organization, government or non-profit organization can sign up to buy via Amazon Business with a Business Account for Amazon. Amazon Business has a robust purchasing system for buyers that allows companies to:

  • Control number of users
  • Have Purchase Approval Workflows
  • Achieve Spend Visibility

That being said, what types of businesses is Amazon B2B best suited for? My experience is, Amazon B2B and Amazon Business are perfect for the following types of businesses:

Amazon B2B Is Right For:

  • Retailers with a focus on B2B
  • Brands with a focus on B2B
  • Retailers who carry SOME products with margins allowing you to target business buyers with bulk orders
  • Brands whose product is dual purpose for B2B and B2C with margins allowing you to target business buyers with bulk orders
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers with B2B related products that are looking to go directly to your consumer
  • Dealers who represent many brands with products conducive to B2B sales
  • Wholesalers with B2B related products that are looking to cast a much wider net, making your products available on Amazon

As eluded to above, you don’t have to make your entire catalog available on Amazon Business or go “all in” as they say.  You can make SOME of your products available to businesses buyers.

Advantages of having your product listing on the B2B side of Amazon

Like with any business decision, there are pros and cons. However, listing your products on Amazon B2B outweigh the cons. Here is why you should list your products on the Amazon B2B platform:

  • Quickly & easily reach high volume buyers
  • Offer a unique product catalog only available to business buyers
  • Greater control over your Seller Account metrics by only selling to specific B2B buyers with select credentials and certifications
  • Increase conversions and visibility in Amazon Search by including additional documentation for products (CAD drawings, MSDS, user guides, etc.)
  • Excellent opportunity for brands who may not otherwise sell on Amazon, to make their products available on the world’s largest marketplace

Who Is Eligible To Sign Up For Amazon Business?

If you are a Business, Institution or Organization and have a location within the United States with a Tax Identification Number (TIN), you can apply for an Amazon Business Account. If you’re in U.S. Territories (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, ) and APO/FPO addresses, you can also register for an Amazon Business account.

This guest blog post was created by Tanner Rankin of the Source Approach. Tanner has been an e-Commerce consultant for over 10+ years. If you are interested in learning more about the Amazon B2B platform, reach out to Tanner by email at or by phone at 716-616-0136.