Trade shows may seem like an outdated experience, but they still are essential for building your brand and business especially if you are a product startup. These industry-specific events provide valuable face time for companies around the world, and offer the chance to connect with high-profile press contacts, potential partners, and other businesses. Here are 5 reasons why you needs to invest in trade show marketing.

Media Presence

Trade shows create an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to meet with key media personnel in their industry. The media that attends these conferences are on the lookout for the latest innovations to report on. Whether you’re lucky enough to score an interview with a journalist on the show floor or not, you should prepare a press kit which includes press releases, images and videos of your company’s showcase. Press kits can be sent to media that are unable to attend the event too, allowing your press coverage to go further than just the media present at the event. By tagging the event on social media, utilizing show hashtags, and participating with the leaders in the industry, this will also open the door to new business.

Additionally, your company will be on the trade show’s website as an exhibitor. Having your company on the exhibitors list brings awareness and drives traffic to your site from followers of the event, companies in the same industry, valuable marketing agencies, and more. Many trade shows enjoy talking about the companies that attend their events to help support their partnership and to highlight the success of their show. It’s a win-win!

Award Opportunities

Many trade shows give out awards for outstanding design and engineering. Winning best in your category or having your product chosen along with others is a great achievement to share and highlight on your website and social media. These awards and titles help make your brand stand out and could be the deciding factor that convinces someone to buy your product.

Checking Out the Competition

Having thousands of products in one room can be exciting, but also intimidating knowing that you are surrounded by competition. However, checking out what works for other businesses can be beneficial in your own development. This unique opportunity allows you to learn from the most successful companies in the industry.

Establishing New Partnerships

Many people attend trade shows to leverage strategic business partnerships. Making connections with other companies at shows can spark a collaboration, which will offer benefits to both parties. Having these new relationships can be educational, helping you to learn more about the industry, help your business improve, and provide a collaborative experience.

Making Connections

One of the best parts of attending a trade show is the fun you will have and the people you will meet. You will interact with like-minded people, and those who work in the same industry. These connections will ultimately make you and your business stronger. Meeting new people also organically advertises your brand and gives attendees something to talk about to their friends and family. Getting the chance to meet the people behind the brand, as well as seeing your product in real-time will make people feel more connected to your business.

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