Beyond the brand building, defining your market and marketing to retailers is one of the most underrated elements of managing your business – quality control. Quality control is absolutely essential for a business’ reputation. We’d like to think that you want to be the company that’s remembered for shipping quality products with no defects or damage 100% of the time.
Now, sometimes deadlines are tight. We get that! But don’t sacrifice quality for timeliness. You run the risk of losing not one, but two valuable customers – the retailer and the end user. Take your time in producing the best product possible. Here are just a few ways you can manage quality control for your product and business:
1. Set the expectations: Define what quality means for your business and communicate that. This ensures your team is aware of the expectations and assigns accountability.
2. Provide Training: To instill a quality-focused culture, train employees on methods and strategies for managing quality control.
3. Ask for feedback. Reach out to customers to check-in on how you’re meeting their expectations. Their feedback can provide insight into making improvements and/or reinforcing best practices.
As mentioned, this is often an overlooked topic for businesses. We know you’re busy driving the bottom line and getting your name out there, so if you have any concerns about your quality control process or would like support in improving it, reach out to the experts at Retailbound to help!