Good news…you got your first large purchase order from a large retailer. Bad news…you don’t know how you are going to finance the order.

If you’re considering the option of business loans, you may want to see the information here on mistakes you will want to avoid when seeking such a loan. Growing a wholesale business can come with ups and downs. Managing working capital can be stressful – especially when you’re faced with fulfilling a large order you simply don’t have the cash to fund. However, turning down a large order could hamper your growth, so exploring your options is key.

Getting a loan could be a good solution to your financial dilemma, however, to receive a loan you will need to have a good credit score. To learn more about building credit, you may want to visit a financial advice site similar to the NovaCredit website to find further information. Once you have the recommended credit you can seek out loans to fund your business.

Of course, there are other loans available for small businesses as well, especially during times of global financial crisis. One type of loan that small businesses can claim to stay afloat during a recession is known as an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (or an EIDL). To learn more about your eligibility for an EIDL and to discover how to check status of eidl head over to the Zenefits website.

For the majority of business owners, when it comes to obtaining funding for your business, it’s hard to know exactly where to turn. From traditional bank loans to purchase order funding, knowing which route to take won’t just lessen your load, it will ensure that you are positioning your organization for success. Below are five key differences when it comes to traditional loans vs. PO funding.
Purchase Order Funding

  1. Can be deployed within a few days, providing greater availability when needed, if supported by a solid purchase order.
  2. PO funding companies look at your purchase orders and sales opportunities, they are not relying solely on the balance sheet or past cash flow.
  3. Does not rely on personal credit, rather PO Funding companies are more interested in the credit of the end-customer.
  4. Is a short-term commitment as it is transactional focused. Typically PO finance companies do not require committing to paying back large unnecessary loans over time, which makes it easy for planning and projections.
  5. Is extremely flexible and, therefore, loan sizes can vary depending on business cycles and opportunities.

Traditional Loans

  1. Often times traditional business loans require a tremendous amount of paperwork. That is unless you look for a small business loan without collateral and minimal paperwork like some funding companies offer.
  2. Take a long time to underwrite.
  3. Are issued based off of your past history.
  4. Won’t provide necessary capital to take on large opportunities.
  5. Offer a fixed loan amount that requires time and paperwork to make any changes.

When your success hinges on obtaining financing to fulfill purchase orders, PO funding is a great solution.
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