As a product startup, there are many benefits to selling your products on Amazon. Some of these advantages include retail accessibility, reach a wide audience, and increased visibility.

Retail accessibility is one of the main reasons why product startups are choosing to sell their products on Amazon. Amazon has a huge customer base that is always looking for new and innovative products. Startups can get their products in front of millions of potential customers with little upfront investment. There is no need to open your own marketplace or sell through retailers.

Another reason product startups are selling on Amazon is because they can reach a wide audience. Not only does Amazon have a large customer base, but it also has a global reach. Startups can sell their products to customers all over the world with ease. Amazon also offers a variety of marketing and advertising tools to help promote your products.

Increased visibility is another benefit of selling on Amazon. Selling on Amazon can help increase your product’s visibility and searchability. Customers are more likely to find your product if it is listed on Amazon. Amazon also offers customers the ability to leave reviews and ratings, which can further increase visibility.

If you are a product startup, selling on Amazon should definitely be something to consider. The retail accessibility, wide audience reach, and increased visibility are just some of the reasons why selling on Amazon can be beneficial for product startups.

The Advantages of Selling on Amazon over Retail

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, and it offers a unique opportunity for product manufacturers to reach a wide audience of potential customers. In addition to Amazon’s own vast customer base, the site also features a comprehensive search engine that helps buyers find the products they’re looking for. As a result, selling on Amazon can be an effective way to reach more customers and boost sales. In addition, Amazon offers a number of valuable services to its sellers, including fulfillment and customer support. For manufacturers, selling on Amazon can be a great way to expand their business and reach a larger audience. Amazon has become synonymous with online shopping, making it one of the most popular retail destinations on the web. By selling on Amazon, manufacturers can tap into this vast market and reach a wider audience of potential customers.

The Disadvantages of Selling on Amazon over Retail

Amazon has become one of the most popular places to sell products online. However, there are some disadvantages to selling on Amazon over retail. For one thing, Amazon takes a percentage of each sale, which can eat into profits. Additionally, Amazon also has strict requirements for product manufacturers, who must meet Amazon’s standards for quality and satisfaction. Finally, retail stores offer customers the chance to see, touch, and try products before they buy them. This is not always possible with Amazon, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction. As a result, selling on Amazon may not be the best option for every product manufacturer.


Product manufacturers have a number of options when it comes to selling their products. For some manufacturers, retail may be the best option. Others may find that selling on Amazon is a more effective way to reach potential customers and boost sales. There are advantages and disadvantages to both retail and Amazon, so it’s important to weigh all factors before deciding which option is best for your business.

If you’re a product manufacturer looking to reach a wider audience and boost sales, retail and Amazon are both great options. However, there are some key differences to consider before making a decision. Retailbound can help you launch your product in retail or on Amazon, and we’ll make sure you’re meeting all the necessary requirements. Contact us today to get started!