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Using Telemarketing Properly

By October 21, 2013 February 4th, 2020 No Comments

Telemarketing is an excellent tool for getting conversations started with your prospects. What it isn’t good for is making high-pressure sales over the phone.
A lot of businesses don’t understand that, so they make calls to prospects basically asking them to hand over cash. It doesn’t work, because the company you’re calling has no idea who you are or if what you’re selling is any good. Plus, who wants to give money to strangers on the phone? No one ever buys on the first call these days. Additionally, some businesses are using outdated phone systems which can slow down the communication process. If you’re one of those businesses, you might want to click here to signup with Eatel Business. They can meet all of your phone requirements and provide the lastest telephone technology for any size business.
When you’re using telephones all day every day, you are bound to run into some technical problems, regardless of how old or new your handsets are. And for roles like telemarketing, this is less than ideal. Along with computers, your phones are your most important assets, and without them, your sales could take a big hit. As a result, working with an outsourced IT company, who specializes in business phone systems, can help to make sure that your operations run as smoothly as possible, without any drops in communication between you and your client. Not only will this help your business going forward, but you won’t have to worry about fixing this problem yourself. A well-working phone system could also help you to become more confident in your sales method.
You may find that a better strategy is to call up businesses and ask them if they’d like to be educated about something relevant to them or if they would like to have something of value done for them at no charge or risk.
Everyone loves a good freebie, and if the freebie is valuable it will give you a chance to get that foot in the door. So let’s say you’re selling IT services. Try calling up businesses and asking them if they’d like to have their systems checked for vulnerabilities and viruses for free.
A business is more likely to accept this kind of offer, and now you got your foot in the door. At that point, making the sale is much easier because now you have a relationship with this company, you’ve established yourself as a credible expert in your area, and thanks to your visit you are able to pitch relevant solutions instead of taking a stab in the dark and guessing they need service X or service Y from you.
If you are selling products, you can do the same thing with product samples. Don’t call a business and ask them if they’d like to buy a box of stuff they haven’t heard of or seen before. Call them and ask them if they’d like to try a free sample.
After you give them time to enjoy the freebie, call them up and ask them how they like it, if they have feedback, and if they’d like some more. Chances are it will be easier to get the sale by building that relationship than if you just called up and told them “I’m selling widgets, you want some?”
Compare those two approaches with the cold approach. In the soft approaches, you show your value and are given a chance to make your case. In the cold approach, you come off as intimidating and annoying.
Stop thinking of what gets you to the sale the fastest, it is a mistake. Stop thinking about yourself! You’re in business to create value for others and to please your customers. That’s what gets rewarded. Don’t forget that.
Start considering what pleases your potential customers more, such as good information and valuable gifts of samples or services. The difference in results will speak for itself.

Guest Blog written by Greg Gibas, CEO of Office Goblins, Inc. which has been in the telemarketing business since 2010. Their latest service is, where you can purchase leads obtained through telemarketing starting at $5 per warm lead.