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The Key to Earning Headlines During the Slowest Time of the Year

Most tech brands, regardless of industry, have asked themselves this question at least once: how can I continue to earn consistent media coverage when either: Our brand isn’t launching a new product for several months? There’s an unexpected delay in product availability? While you might think it’s a good time to wind down on your…

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PR vs. Paid Advertising

Study after study has shown that PR is much more cost-effective than advertising. Coverage in one segment on a major network show or in a top-tier publication is equivalent in value to more than a year of a typical PR retainer and out of reach for most businesses. Just ask to see a rate card!…

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7 Tips for Creating a Great Brand Name

Startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses often struggle when creating a brand name. This Thanksgiving, RPR Public Relations Inc., offers new businesses 7 simple tips to follow to make sure their brand name isn’t a turkey. Startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses often struggle when forming their new company or product’s name. While the idea for the…

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